Public Works and Economic Adjustment Assistance (EDA)

Agency: U.S. Department of Commerce

Division: Economic Development Administration

Description: The Public Works Program provides catalytic investments to help distressed communities build, design, or engineer critical infrastructure and facilities that will help implement regional development strategies and advance bottom-up economic development goals to promote regional prosperity. Investments made through this program must clearly lead to the creation or retention of long-term high-quality jobs. The Economic Adjustment Assistance Program provides investments that support a wide range of construction and non-construction activities including infrastructure, design and engineering, technical assistance, economic recovery strategies, and capitalization or re-capitalization of Revolving Loan Funds (RLF) in regions experiencing severe economic dislocations that may occur suddenly or over time. Additionally, this program provides resources for communities experiencing or anticipating economic dislocations to plan and implement specific solutions to leverage their existing regional economic advantages to support economic development and job creation. These investments are designed to help communities catalyze public-private partnerships to foster collaboration, attract investment, create jobs, and foster economic resiliency and prosperity.

A full overview of the Public Works and Economic Adjustment Assistance (EDA) is available here.

Funding Range: $0 – 30 million

Application Cycle: Rolling

To Apply: Contact Louisiana’s EDA Economic Development Representative: Jason Wilson | Austin Regional Office | | (512) 420-7738 to discuss your proposed project to ensure it is eligible and aligns with EDA investment priorities. Visit for the application package.

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