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The public recognizes the need for a cohesive brand for downtown West Monroe, both to unify shops, restaurants, and public spaces as part of one “Downtown” and to direct consumers—specifically, out-of-town tourists looking to spend dollars—toward the area with gateway and directional signage.

Existing Branding & Recommendations

The Cotton Port Historic District of Downtown West Monroe has long been known as “Antique Alley” due to its history of antique shops. In terms of branding, downtown West Monroe is well-positioned for growth since it is already recognized by visitors as “Antique Alley,” especially when compared to similarly-sized tourist destinations across the United States  

However, West Monroe residents have recognized that antique shops are less appealing to younger generations, and that downtown has and continues to diversify its commercial and residential offerings, evolving beyond being known only as “Antique Alley.” 

But in West Monroe, tradition is important so Alchemy does not recommend abandoning the moniker “Antique Alley” entirely. To pay homage to the antique merchants who made a huge impact on development and commercial activity in the Historic District, Alchemy recommends adopting “Home of Antique Alley” as a slogan for the downtown brand. 

Additionally, Alchemy recommends incorporating “Cotton Port Historic District” as well as “A Main Street Community” into the new branding and wayfinding signage to inform residents and tourists about the significance of the area they are visiting. Lastly, since downtown West Monroe is located on the Ouachita River, Alchemy recommends incorporating the river, bridge, and steamboat iconography.  

Proposed Branding & Wayfinding for Downtown

large monument gateway
Medium monument gateway arch, Small monument neighborhood columns, pole-mounted street banner
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