Intermediary Relending Program Loans

Agency: U.S. Department of Agriculture

Division: Rural Development

Description: This program provides 1 percent low-interest loans to local lenders or “intermediaries” that re-lend to businesses to improve economic conditions and create jobs in rural communities. Funds can be used to acquire, construct, convert, enlarge or repair a business or business facility, particularly when jobs will be created or retained; to purchase or develop land (easements, rights of way, buildings, facilities, leases, materials); to purchase equipment, machinery or supplies, or make leasehold improvements; for start-up costs and working capital; for pollution control and abatement; for transportation services; to cover feasibility studies and some fees; towards the building of hotels, motels, convention centers; for educational institutions; for aquaculture-based rural small business; and to establish revolving lines of credit.

A full overview of the Intermediary Relending Program Loans is available here.

Funding Range: $0 – 2 million (initial) and up to $1 million (thereafter)

Application Cycle: Rolling

To Apply: Contact your USDA State or Area Office to request an application package

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